The Antenatal Courses

 £230 (or £50 deposit then instalments)

The antenatal course is a 4 week course on weekend mornings from 10am until 1pm. There are 5 sessions in total and the 5th session will be on a weekday evening for 2 hours when you are all free but will be on Zoom! We have a variety of venues now but for the Prestwood course they are all in Prestwood, Great Missenden or Little Missenden so are easy to get to when we are back to in person courses.

As well as joining a group of local parent friends, our fab antenatal course covers what your choices are in pregnancy and labour as well as life as a new parent. This includes preferences for all types of birth experiences from the perspective of an honest, experienced midwife which I think is particularly important! It also includes full preparation for feeding your baby and for the crucial postnatal period and how to look after yourself. The course also prepares birth partners for every stage right through to life as new parents and how to be the best birth partner possible!

It also includes ongoing 1-1 support by a midwife via email or phone until you have your baby and then in those first few weeks! Included is all the materials for writing out your birth preferences covering all your options including helpful templates and  a very thorough handout which covers everything we discuss in the course plus more, meaning that you don’t have to jot things down and can just relax and enjoy!. Plus – the course includes plenty of tea, biscuits and cake as all good things should.

Our reviews speak for themselves below, this really is an antenatal course with a difference. You will feel totally prepared for any eventuality whilst making a group of friends for life and joining a supportive local community of parents!

Scroll down for some reviews from local parents and for upcoming course dates!

*Please note that once you’ve booked your space on a course, you will receive a booking confirmation email but this may take up to 24 hours to come through!*


The Full Combined Course


The full antenatal course with all of the content outlined above, plus the postnatal course for you and your baby to enjoy together. Doing both the antenatal course and the postnatal course ensures that you get continuity of support from pregnancy through the postnatal period and get the full Village Midwife experience!

I know pregnancy can be a tricky time financially, so I do a single parent discount and a discount for anyone who is struggling financially! Plus I welcome payment by instalments, as long as it is paid by the first date of the course – just select the ‘deposit only’ option in the booking form. 

Group Antenatal Course Dates


9th January – 30th January 2021 (10am until 1pm) *Fully booked* 

(9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th January 2021)

9th January – 30th January 2021 (2pm until 5pm) *Fully booked* 

(9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th January 2021)

27th February – 20th March 2021 (10am until 1pm) *Fully booked* 

(27th February and 6th, 13th and 20th March)

27th February – 20th March 2021 (2pm until 5pm) *3 spaces left!* 

(27th February and 6th, 13th and 20th March)

10th April – 1st May 2021 (10am until 1pm) *Fully booked* 

(10th, 17th, 24th and 27th April and 1st May)

10th April – 1st May 2021 (2pm until 5pm) *2 spaces left* 

(10th, 17th, 24th and 27th April and 1st May)

5th – 26th June (10am until 1pm) *2 spaces left!* 

(5th, 12th, 19th, 22nd and 26th June)

24th July – 8th August (10am until 1pm) *7 spaces left!* 

(24th, 27th and 31st July, 7th and 8th August)

4th – 25th September (10am until 1pm) *7 spaces left!* 

(4th, 11th, 18th, 21st and 25th September)

If you’re looking for our Refresher courses for 2nd/3rd time parents – click here

1-1 Antenatal Course


A 9 hour one to one antenatal course covering everything you need to know to prepare for the rest of your pregnancy, giving birth and the postnatal period, including your options for feeding your baby. 

I teach the antenatal course 1-1 over 3 sessions of 3 hours each at your home. This means it’s ideal for busy people as I can work around your schedules. The course is entirely personalised so is taught around your needs and you get my support by phone/text as needed until you give birth and then into the postnatal period, meaning that no question goes unanswered!

Email me for availability and to look at potential dates!

Group antenatal course plus a 1-1 session


The full antenatal course plus time to chat to me 1-1 for an evening (at your home or virtually) where I can answer any questions that you or your partner may have or go over anything in an individual setting. It also gives us a chance to look at your birth preferences

Email me for availability and to look at potential dates!


Some recent reviews of my Antenatal Course:

"I can’t recommend Sophie and her course highly enough! I’m so glad we found her. Sophie gives you detailed and up to date information in an honest yet reassuring way - being a practising midwife means that you can talk through any worries or ideas with the benefit of her having the experience to answer you and suggest new things and questions to check out with your care provider. She is also very approachable and non-judgemental, and we have met some lovely friends through the course. Sophie puts a lot of effort into making the course relaxed and fun."

New mum from High Wycombe

"Sophie is an absolute guru when it comes to all things baby related!! Me and my husband have absolutely loved the antenatal classes. We really felt that Sophie went out of her way to help us all on an individual level - that includes replying to WhatsApp‘s whenever we have a moment of panic! The antenatal classes were highly informative and very practical and enabled us to feel prepared for birth and the postnatal period. Sophie also has set up an incredible network of support which has been invaluable to me. I cannot recommend using the Village Midwife highly enough!"

New parents from Amersham

"The excitement of impending fatherhood probably papered over the cracks of a) not having a clue what to do and b) how to handle the rollercoaster of emotions that was about to hit our peaceful little home. Enter Sophie. Never could I have imagined how one stranger - a mum, a highly-qualified midwife and altogether spectacular human - would play such a big part in helping us (especially Meg) and bringing us into a community of like-minded first-time mums and dad-lads which is so important for sharing advice and riding the highs and lows together at all times of day and night. So - long story short - if you’re expecting your first kid and live anywhere near Wycombe then Sophie is absolutely the guiding light you need. Plus she lays on a great array of biscuits and doughnuts, and there’s ample free parking (every millennial’s greatest anxiety)."

New dad from High Wycombe

"We recently completed Sophie's Antenatal course and private hypnobirthing sessions and highly recommend her for all your pre and post pregnancy learning. Sophie made sure the classes were fun and interactive but most importantly we all felt so well informed and confident by the end. I loved the fact that Sophie was so honest and didn't try to sugar coat the less glam side of pregnancy and child birth - you could literally ask her anything. I didn't want to the classes to finish to be honest and can't wait for the postnatal course."

New mum from Prestwood

"Sophie is a practicing midwife so all the information was informative and evidence-based. She teaches the sessions in small groups so the sessions are really interactive. There’s plenty of time to discuss any questions and concerns and it’s a great place to meet other soon to be parents. Afterwards I felt really prepared and my husband said it definitely made him feel more involved and informed. Sophie is so friendly and approachable and has been a great support to us both antenatally and postnatally. Would definitely recommend!"

New parents from Princes Risborough

"Above all Sophie made the course accessible and friendly, she is approachable, extremely knowledgeable and very caring and empowering. We have made great friends within the group and are looking forward for the postnatal groups to start!"

New parents from Berkhamsted

"We have just completed the antenatal course with Sophie and can safely say that our expectations have well and truly been exceeded. Sophie has an abundance of knowledge and experience to share and her passion for what she does is a real benefit to those who attend her course plus the venue is beautiful!"

New parents from Great Missenden

"Sophie made us feel at ease from the first email sent; she was flexible, understanding, caring and welcoming throughout the course and we now feel that we are as best informed as we possibly can be for the arrival of our baby. Another benefit is that we have met a great group of people along the way and there are still the postnatal classes to follow plus the no sleep clubs! This course and Sophie really do not stop giving, it has been an invaluable experience to us as first time parents to be and we will be highly recommending The Village Midwife to all our friends. Thank you Sophie"

New mum from Prestwood

"My husband and I have recently completed antenatal and hypnobirthing sessions with Sophie and are so pleased that we chose to do them with her. We really liked how personal the experience felt. Sophie makes a real effort to get to know her clients and really cares. She is always available to ask any questions or for support when you need it. The antenatal course is very relaxed and enjoyable and partners are very involved throughout. I have finished feeling much more positive and confident about giving birth and most importantly well informed and knowing that I have choices. Thank you Sophie!"

New mum from Wendover

"We could not be happier to have attended the Village Midwife antenatal classes, the course was very informative and enjoyable! Sophie has been at the end of the phone on many an occasion when I needed professional and unbiased advice. Not to mention now I’ve had endless support from 8 lovely ladies who also attended the course going through the same things at the same time! Go.. you won’t regret it!"

New mum from Great Kingshill

"The location is lovely and there is always yummy treats for the break. Sophie was so approachable and made everyone feel comfortable to be able to ask lots of questions. You will receive a pack of information with everything that is covered in the course and loads of useful handouts, my midwife was amazed by our visual birth plan that Sophie helped us to produce and took a copy to show her colleagues."

New mum from Aylesbury

"Sophie is a trained, practising midwife so we could fire any question we liked at her - even late night Whatsapp messages! She is so positive and gives the most up-to -date statistics and knowledge on tricky subjects such as induction or breech births which in turn really fills you with confidence about what questions to ask your midwives/doctors/consultants - she helps to put you in the driving seat. We loved how the course covered so much and in a great amount of person-centred detail which didn't scare me in the way an NHS one I attended did. We met lovely, local couples so we still got the 'making friends' bit that people rave about with NCT classes but for a more affordable price."

New parents from Amersham

"During the course we felt well informed about all of our birth choices, we gained invaluable knowledge on pregnancy, birth and postnatal care, as well as caring & feeding baby and looking after each other. We also heard from a women’s health physio and a new mum who kindly shared her complicated but successful breastfeeding journey with us."

New parents from Hazlemere

"I highly recommend this antenatal class! Sophie is absolutely lovely, so approachable and knowledgeable. The course is delivered in a relaxed way and we felt that the information provided was very balanced so you have all the information you need to make informed choices that are right for you. We almost didn't invest in private antenatal classes but we are so glad we did. I had a really positive birthing experience and I feel that much of that was because I felt totally prepared for all eventualities. The postnatal group is great too, it's a great place to meet other mums and discuss new motherhood with other women who are going through it at the same time as you. I also like that there is a focus each week and you get to learn something new like baby wearing and baby massage. Thank you Sophie!"

New parents from High Wycombe

"I can’t recommend ‘The Village Midwife’ highly enough!! I arrived to the first antenatal class feeling frightened and completely overwhelmed by what my body was going to have to go through in a few months time. I left my last one feeling empowered, excited and most importantly believing that I could do it. Sophie is the most fantastic teacher, she’s currently practicing as a midwife and is completely up to date with new practices (and happy to point you to the study if you want to read more - something my husband particularly appreciated). She’s also a mum herself so completely understands what women go through - both in labour and afterwards. Perhaps that’s why she’s worked so hard to build such an incredible community for parents to be and new parents alike; its truly amazing! Our post natal group chat is still going strong 6 months later, and we’re all going for lunch on Monday (something we do once a month). In what can be a really isolating and lonely time knowing that you can pop along to a ‘No Sleep Club’ or message a WhatsApp group at 3am and find someone who truly gets it is no small thing. I raved about her so much to anyone who would listen (and still do!) that when I was talking about her to one of my friends, she asked me, “is this the magic baby lady?” Go see Sophie, do her courses, they are worth their weight in gold. Particularly if you’re feeling anxious, she’ll make you feel like you’re the warrior mummy you’re about to become, even if you don’t feel it yet! After all, she is the magic baby lady! Thank you Sophie!"

New mum from High Wycombe

"Our little man is the best thing about life now. He entered the world dramatically last month, but we enjoyed every moment. We felt thoroughly prepared for his delivery, especially after attending the Village Midwife antenatal courses and hypnobirthing sessions. Our pregnancy was an amazing time and it became even more beautiful during the preparation for our boys arrival. Sophie the village midwife is an angel sent from a magical place. I told her I think I love her because I cannot imagine having gone through the labour and delivery I went through so calmly if I hadn't attended her course and hypnobirthing sessions. My husband and I were fairly relaxed and felt super ready for any eventuality when we were going through it. We also "enjoyed" it. I won't go on, but I can say a million wonderful things about our experience. Please please please if you're having a baby or planning on it, take heed of my words! Go on this course if you have any fears, just want to feel extra prepared or want to meet people in the same boat as you. You will not regret it."