Birth Chats


If you just want to talk things over and get a fresh opinion on your pregnancy or a particular issue, you can book a 2 hour birth chat. We can discuss the evidence/research behind anything you’ve been recommended or are interested in and can go over exactly what options you have. It is the opportunity to discuss things in an impartial environment with a midwife who’s worked in different hospitals and so has a broad perspective. You might just want to sit down with a midwife and discuss your birth plan or ask all the questions you haven’t had a chance to yet during your pregnancy! You also get my continued support with any further questions and I can give you the Village Midwife birth plans to help you prepare!

This can be in person at your home one evening, or over Zoom  – I am very flexible. Drop me an email at to explore availability and book! 

Preparing for a caesarean/abdominal birth workshop


This is a 2 hour session where we go over what happens at a caesarean/abdominal birth and how you’re feeling about it. We discuss ‘gentle’ caesareans and what your options are for your birth plan, plus how to prepare for your recovery. We also cover relaxation techniques to help you relax and enjoy your birth experience. You also get my continued support with any further questions and I can give you the Village Midwife birth plan template to help you prepare as well as discussing some positive abdominal birth stories!

This can be in person at your home one evening, or over Zoom  – I am very flexible. Drop me an email at to explore availability and book!


Some Recent Reviews:

"We can’t thank Sophie enough for all of the information and support she has given us from attending her classes and post birth. Sophie gave me the confidence to have the home birth that I had originally really wanted, but had been put off by due to other people saying it would be too risky for my first birth. Sophie helped me to feel positive and informed about birth whereas before it was something I felt very anxious about due to horror stories I’d heard or what I had seen in the media. The classes helped me to be open minded and positive about whatever journey our birth took and not disappointed if something didn’t go to plan."

"I highly recommend this antenatal class! Sophie is absolutely lovely, so approachable and knowledgeable. The course is delivered in a relaxed way and we felt that the information provided was very balanced so you have all the information you need to make informed choices that are right for you. We almost didn't invest in private antenatal classes but we are so glad we did. I had a really positive birthing experience and I feel that much of that was because I felt totally prepared for all eventualities. The postnatal group is great too, it's a great place to meet other mums and discuss new motherhood with other women who are going through it at the same time as you. I also like that there is a focus each week and you get to learn something new like baby wearing and baby massage. Thank you Sophie!" (New parents from High Wycombe)

New parents, High Wycombe

I’m really looking forward to the postnatal sessions and attending the no sleep club soon. Thank you Sophie for everything you’ve done for us, you are amazing at what you do and I can’t wait for you to meet Poppy soon x"

New mum, Aylesbury

"We received great email & whatsapp communication in-between sessions that provided us with a selection of essential resources to draw upon when we need them."

"We have just completed the antenatal course with Sophie and can safely say that our expectations have well and truly been exceeded. Sophie has an abundance of knowledge and experience to share and her passion for what she does is a real benefit to those who attend her course plus the venue is beautiful!"

"Sophie made us feel at ease from the first email sent; she was flexible, understanding, caring and welcoming throughout the course and we now feel that we are as best informed as we possibly can be for the arrival of our baby. Another benefit is that we have met a great group of people along the way and there are still the postnatal classes to follow plus the no sleep clubs! This course and Sophie really do not stop giving, it has been an invaluable experience to us as first time parents to be and we will be highly recommending The Village Midwife to all our friends. Thank you Sophie"

(New mum, Prestwood)

"Above all Sophie made the course accessible and friendly, she is approachable, extremely knowledgeable and very caring and empowering. We have made great friends within the group and are looking forward for the postnatal groups to start!"

New parents, Berkhamsted

"My partner also gained so much from attending the classes and as a result made a really fantastic birth partner thanks to Sophie’s advice."

"The location is lovely and there is always yummy treats for the break. Sophie was so approachable and made everyone feel comfortable to be able to ask lots of questions. You will receive a pack of information with everything that is covered in the course and loads of useful handouts, my midwife was amazed by our visual birth plan that Sophie helped us to produce and took a copy to show her colleagues."

"We are so pleased we picked this midwife-led antenatal course! From the moment we signed up to the course we had amazing communication from Sophie."

"During the course we felt well informed about all of our birth choices, we gained invaluable knowledge on pregnancy, birth and postnatal care, as well as caring & feeding baby and looking after each other. We also heard from a women’s health physio and a new mum who kindly shared her complicated but successful breastfeeding journey with us."