1-1 Hypnobirthing:
Relaxation for pregnancy and new parenthood

I have developed my own, popular hypnobirthing course which has two main goals – realistic and up to date antenatal education using my experience as a midwife and effective relaxation techniques so that you and your birth partner can have the most positive birth experience possible! If you don’t finish my hypnobirthing course feeling like you can do anything, then I haven’t succeeded in my goal!

Hypnobirthing involves breathing and relaxation exercises to prepare you for giving birth but this course is much, much more than that. You learn how to navigate the maternity system from the inside out, plus your birth partner learns how to be the best birth partner they can possibly be! I can also give you support with aromatherapy and positioning to help get baby into the best position possible to be born in as I have done extra training in both of these aspects of pregnancy preparation!

My course is different to many of the hypnobirthing courses out there because it focuses on fear releasing and rewiring any negative thoughts, but also on bonding with your baby both in your pregnancy and after your baby has been born. Some have called it ‘hypno-parenting’  – as it also has relaxation techniques for after your baby has been born which help the transition into parenthood! You also get the support from me that’s needed in pregnancy as well as the support from me and the rest of the Village Midwife community to thrive as new parents!

*Please note: you have 2 options for your hypnobirthing sessions at the moment! I am happy to teach on Zoom which means I post you your goodie bag with the course handout and materials in beforehand however I am also teaching face to face in people’s homes again. This means we would need the windows open to maintain ventilation and would need to be able to socially distance according to my COVID secure guidelines!*

Please also note that hypnobirthing sessions must be booked via email with me and paid via bank transfer, because I want to ensure I have availability and find dates that work for both of us before taking a deposit! (I use a scheduling website to make it easier to arrange dates!) I usually teach on Monday and Tuesday evenings or some daytime sessions, please note I’m fully booked for evening hypnobirthing sessions until the first week of June however so only daytime sessions are available to book until then! Please also note – antenatal course clients have priority for hypnobirthing bookings.

My email is: sophie@thevillagemidwife.co.uk however we can also arrange a phone call to discuss potential dates and answer any of your questions!



Why 1-1 Hypnobirthing?

I usually teach hypnobirthing in a 1-1 setting at your home or virtually on Zoom. This is because it helps you and your partner feel as relaxed as possible which is really important with hypnobirthing. It also gives me an opportunity to do a fear releasing exercise with you where we discuss your fears and worries about birth and the postnatal period and try to understand and resolve these before moving onto the relaxation exercises. It also means it can be flexible around your busy schedules!

Hypnobirthing Packages

The Full Village Midwife Hypnobirthing Course: £385

This involves 3 x 3 hour sessions at your home or online, around your schedule. Two of the sessions are during pregnancy and prepare you for giving birth as well as the postnatal period plus all of the relaxation techniques for pregnancy and beyond. The third session is postnatally, with your baby at home, where I can give feeding/newborn support as well as guide you through relaxations to help your transition to parenthood as well as help you bond with your baby and enjoy the fourth trimester! A goodie bag, handout and audio recordings are included as well as my ongoing support from pregnancy through to the fourth trimester for any questions you have or support you need. 

Antenatal only Hypnobirthing course: £295 

This involves 2 x 3 hour sessions at your home or online where we go through any antenatal education that you need as well as learning the relaxation and breathing techniques for pregnancy and giving birth. It equips the birth partner too and you benefit from my experience as a midwife as we can work on your birth preferences together as well as conquering any fears you have surrounding giving birth. Lots of people do this course as well as doing an antenatal course elsewhere as it allows me to fill any gaps in your knowledge with my midwifery as well as my hypnobirthing experience! You also can contact me by whatsapp/phone throughout to help with any decision making or for any other support.

Hypnobirthing top-up: £195

This mini hypnobirthing course is suitable for people doing my antenatal course. Most of the antenatal education is already covered in my signature antenatal course which means we can focus on answering any questions 1-1, working on releasing any fears together, and learning how to use the Village Midwife hypnobirthing techniques in pregnancy and beyond. This is a really popular option as you get the benefit of the group antenatal classes as well as 1-1 time with me and all of the hypnobirthing techniques! 

6 hour hypnobirthing course plus 3 Step Rewind: £450

This involves the antenatal only/6 hour hypnobirthing course over 2 sessions of 3 hours each. We also however work on your previous birth experience using 3 Step Rewind (over 2 separate sessions of 2 hours each). This is a gentle but highly effective technique where we work to reduce any intense emotions about a traumatic or negative birth experience without affecting the memory of the birth of your child. Please contact me for more information on this!

Postnatal relaxation/check in: £100

This is a one off session for antenatal/postnatal/hypnobirthing clients where I can visit you at home, help with any breastfeeding/newborn concerns you have as well as go through some relaxation and bonding techniques for you and baby. The relaxation techniques are similar to those used in hypnobirthing so will be familiar to those who have done my course. The audio is provided and ongoing support by text/phone is also provided. 

Also available: birth chat


Time to discuss your birth plan or preparations for labour in a 1-1 setting with a midwife, with support before and after as needed. The Village Midwife birth and postnatal plan templates are also provided.


Some Recent Reviews of the Antenatal Course:

"My husband and I have just finished The Village Midwife's Antenatal Course plus have been seeing Sophie for Hypnobirthing and I can honestly say it's been money well spent. Sophie is a trained, practising midwife so we could fire any question we liked at her - even late night Whatsapp messages! She is so positive and gives the most up-to -date statistics and knowledge on tricky subjects such as induction or breech births which in turn really fills you with confidence about what questions to ask your midwives/doctors/consultants - she helps to put you in the driving seat. We loved how the course covered so much and in a great amount of person-centred detail which didn't scare me in the way an NHS one I attended did. We met lovely, local couples so we still got the 'making friends' bit that people rave about with NCT classes but for a more affordable price. We can't wait to start the post-natal course once our baby arrives!"

New mum from Amersham

"We recently completed Sophie's Antenatal course and private hypnobirthing sessions and highly recommend her for all your pre and post pregnancy learning. Sophie made sure the classes were fun and interactive but most importantly we all felt so well informed and confident by the end. I loved the fact that Sophie was so honest and didn't try to sugar coat the less glam side of pregnancy and child birth - you could literally ask her anything. I didn't want to the classes to finish to be honest and can't wait for the postnatal course in January. Thanks Sophie!"

New mum from Prestwood

"Above all Sophie made the course accessible and friendly, she is approachable, extremely knowledgeable and very caring and empowering. We have made great friends within the group and are looking forward for the postnatal groups to start!"

New parents from Berkhamsted

"I cannot imagine having gone through the labour and delivery I went through so calmly if I hadn't attended her course and hypnobirthing sessions"
New mum from Terrick

"When the antenatal course came to an end my husband and I worked with Sophie 1-1 on hypnobirthing. We went to her house and learnt how to prepare for birth using these techniques. Hypnobirthing didn’t come naturally to me but with practice, it really helped during my labour."

New mum from Monks Risborough

"Sophie made us feel at ease from the first email sent; she was flexible, understanding, caring and welcoming throughout the course and we now feel that we are as best informed as we possibly can be for the arrival of our baby. Another benefit is that we have met a great group of people along the way and there are still the postnatal classes to follow plus the no sleep clubs! This course and Sophie really do not stop giving, it has been an invaluable experience to us as first time parents to be and we will be highly recommending The Village Midwife to all our friends. Thank you Sophie"

New mum from Prestwood

"We can’t thank Sophie enough for all of the information and support she has given us from attending her classes and post birth. Sophie gave me the confidence to have the home birth that I had originally really wanted, but had been put off by due to other people saying it would be too risky for my first birth. Sophie helped me to feel positive and informed about birth whereas before it was something I felt very anxious about due to horror stories I’d heard or what I had seen in the media. The classes helped me to be open minded and positive about whatever journey our birth took and not disappointed if something didn’t go to plan."