Refresher Courses - for people having their
second or third baby


We are now running courses for people having their second baby! These are also suitable if you are having your third or fourth baby, for example if you have a gap between children and want a refresher.

The course will run on two Monday evenings from 7.15 – 9.45pm on Zoom so that hopefully you can put the kids to bed and enjoy it from the comfort of your sofa! 

The first session will recap about your birth options and different types of birth experience plus you choices about place of birth. We will discuss how to make it different this time, if this is what you want – and talk through your previous birth experience. We will also cover birth after caesarean and your birth partner’s role. The second session will recap feeding and looking after yourself and baby postnatally, and discuss bringing a new baby into the family. We will also cover some hypnobirthing relaxation techniques to use during the birth and postnatal period which is a nice refresher for those of you who did hypnobirthing last time or an introduction to hypnobirthing for those who didn’t use it but would like to this time around! 

Why do a refresher course?

Meet local parents at the same stage as you who will also be adding a new baby to their family

Refresh you and your birth partner’s memory and find out what your options for giving birth are second time around as well as your options for feeding baby and how it can be different this time 

Get support from a midwife and have someone to bounce off ideas and ask questions to (via whatsapp) whenever you need to

Add valuable hypnobirthing relaxation techniques to you and your birth partner’s toolkit

Dates of our refresher courses

1st and 8th March 2021

6th and 13th June 2021

£165 per couple